Industry Exploration Report

  • We examine up to 5 industries with market opportunity for your product or service
  • Financial health/outlook and anticipated market growth
  • Commercial and USG participation/forecasts
  • Identification of major and emerging players
  • Investor and funding trends (market)
  • Partnering trends
  • International outlook

“Starting at” $5,000

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Industry Niche Report

  • Single industry niche or sector
  • Opportunities for client’s product/service
  • Viability of niche growth market
  • Financial outlook broken down by segment
  • Comparative pricing
  • Identification of major and emerging players
  • Investor and funding trends (niche or market segment)
  • Partnering trends

“Starting at” $3,000

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Competitor Analysis

  • Examine up to five competitors
  • Primary product and strength identification
  • Marketing focus
  • Executive level talent and network
  • Historical background
  • Key staff and Board
  • Funding and investors
  • Contact info

“Starting at” $5,000

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Competitor Deep-Dive

  • Single competitor analysis
  • Market strategy
  • New product concentration and/or future product/service pipeline
  • Primary market partners
  • Comparative analysis
  • Pricing model

“Starting at” $2,500

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Value Chain/Value Proposition Assessment

  • Comparative analysis of the areas where your company holds value prop against your competitors
  • Identification (or verification) of your company’s full Value Proposition
  • Comparative analysis of Value Prop
  • Value chain position
  • Value chain strength and differentiation
  • Leading value chain strengths in competitors (top 5)

“Starting at” $3,500

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Disruptive Trends Report

  • Single industry or market segment
  • Major trend identification
  • Undercurrent trend(s)
  • Analysis of potential industry impact
  • Disruption or disruptive trends in international markets
  • Major players leading these trends within the market segment/niche/industry

“Starting at” $2,000

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Business Development & Partnering Opportunities

  • Partnering trends for an industry/market segment
  • Comparative product/service analysis in terms of existing partnerships
  • Identification of partnerships expected to foment disruption
  • Emerging partnerships in the industry/segment with disruption plans
  • International partnership potential for your industry/segment
  • Trends in international partnerships in your industry/segment
  • Contact info and context for further exploration

“Starting at” $4,000 

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