Company Overview

Our Mission

Here at PAI our goal is to save our customers one of their most valuable assets. Time.

We accomplish this mission by shortening the length of time it takes to collect, sift and organize data.

At the end of the process, our customers walk away with the most relevant and valuable information, that can assist them in making tough businesses decisions, find solutions to specific work related projects and solve company challenges.

Who Are We?

We are Trustworthy, Competent, Relevant, Flexible & Strategic.

We understand that privacy is of utmost importance to our clients and as such, we ensure that our clients information remain confidential.

With a high level of professionalism, discretion and attention to detail, we stand behind our products and deliverables.

How We Work

The easiest way to learn if our services are a fit for your specific needs, is to request a consultation.  Once a consultation has been arranged, we will then have a good idea as to how we can help you achieve your goals. Shortly afterwards we will follow-up with a formal quote and discuss the customization of our service options. Due to high demand, we can only provide service proposals to clients that meet our minimum requirement of billable hours, based on the project size.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you, as soon as possible.


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