Information Overload?

In today’s world there is no shortage of information, just a shortage of time, resources, and sometimes confusion over where to start.  That is where we come in. Project Abundance Inc. identifies, mines, and converts information into business intel.

Our typical clients are high-tech and innovative companies requiring a specific deliverables to attract investors, satisfy shareholders, or clarify market segments to increase revenue.  We also help investors with due diligence or comparative analyses.

With over 15 years of USG experience overseas, we understand the vital role of a concise and accurate reporting in high-level decision-making and planning.  Through a range of services to include: data mining & investigation, market segment studies, competitor analysis, program development, executive reporting & other technical writing, PAI helps companies and investors crunch the data to fortify their competitive advantage.


Business Intel (BI)

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We tailor our investigations and data mining to specific client needs. We can learn about your competitors, or go on fact finding missions without showing your hand. We can also act as an intermediary for board members and executive vetting and due diligence verification’s.

Company-Specific Research (CR)

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We assist companies and investors with specific research goals, whether it be helping identify their competitive advantage or exploring market segments for new revenue streams.

Transformation of Data (TD)

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Transformation of data into value.  We are a one stop shop when to comes to creating professional business presentations, reports, or technical writing products.

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